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Big Bend to Marfa TX – Jan 12-18

7 Feb

We spent 5 days in Big Bend National Park TX.  We camped in each of the three camping areas. Two were along the Rio Grande River, one was in the central Chisos Mountains.  The Big Bend area is along the US-Mexico border, which is defined by the Rio Grande, and looks like the bottom of an ice cream cone that follows a big bend in the Rio Grande.  The area is beautiful in its remote desolation.  January is a quiet time, not many people around.  The Park is large, and there is only one lodge and restaurant which is in the Chisos Mountains.  The campgrounds have small general stores which, by comparison, make a Seven-11 store feel like a Safeway market.

Hiking was our major activity in Big Bend.  We took a 4 mile hike on the Boquillas Canyon Overlook Trail which affords a view of a poor Mexican town, Boquillas.  The town has suffered since 9-11 when the local border crossing was closed.  The Mexicans cross the border illegally and place locally made craft objects (wire sculptures, walking sticks) out on hiking trails, hoping tourists will “buy” them up and leave the requested amount of money in a jar.  Another short hike led us to an abandoned resort and its crumbling hot springs development along the Rio Grande.  Soaking in the hot spring was Johnny, a slim, deeply tanned, longhaired local who chatted us up for a spell.

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