A Week or so in San Antonio TX- Dec 28-Jan 5

5 Jan

Our 5 day hide-a-way in a Houston hotel ended, both of us feeling well enough to move on, we head west to San Antonio to stay with Joanna’s brother Will Jay and his wife Annette.  I’m not feeling healthy again, so a conversation with the doctor in Redwood City results in new medication for my GERD.  It’s working.  I’m feeling hopeful that I will feel normal again, soon.  Then, forgetting my reaction to decongestants, I began taking Mucinex and couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I wasn’t very good company.  Then, as the Mucinex wore off, my lower back went out.  I’d say I wasn’t a happy camper, but we haven’t really been camping in close to a month.  Meanwhile, Joanna is feeling well.

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Annette is not feeling well either, and was only beginning to recover when we left.  While at Will Jay and Annette’s we did a lot of visiting with relatives and friends, both singly and in groups (we were busy, again).  Both of us enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time with:

Will Jay’s son, Joey, his wife Corey, and their precious children, Bailey and Boyd.

Annette’s daughter, Tammy, and her husband, Henry.

Tammy’s daughter, Ashley.

Annette’s sister, Jan, and her husband, Harold.

A childhood friend of Joanna’s, Sharon.

While in San Antonio, we took an overnight trip to visit with our friends, Jean-Pierre and Mary, at their 5 acre country farm near La Grange TX.  It was wonderful to sit outside, sip wine, watch a beautiful sunset, be warmed by a fire, and have a relaxing visit.

On the way back from La Grange, we took a side trip to Kenedy TX, Joanna’s hometown of 3,500 residents.  The downtown area has been dying for decades, brought on by movements away from small towns and the opening of a WalMart on the highway some 30+ years ago.  The town is now going through changes as  a major oil field was recently discovered.  Downtown buildings are being converted to office space, oil-support businesses are appearing on the highway,  vacant land is being converted to RV parks for transitory oil workers (similar to what we witnessed in North Dakota), a new Super WalMart has opened north of the now-abandoned old WalMart.  But, the town itself continues to decay.  Many houses, including an early childhood home of Joanna’s, are in serious disrepair, many seem to be vacant, many vacant downtown stores continue to decay.  All in all, I had a depressing reaction to what I viewed.

As we were packing up to leave San Antonio, Tammy dropped by Will Jay and Annette’s.  Tammy is very persuasive, and she persuaded us to stay a while longer at her and Henry’s house.  Not having anything pressing on our plate, we gladly accepted the offer and had a relaxing and meaningful visit.  And, I was able to use their wifi to catch up on a lot of “stuff” that has been calling to me.  And, the one night turned into two.  After our recent heavy visiting schedule, we enjoyed having some relaxing down time with Tammy and Henry.

Now, off to Austiin.  After Austin, we’re planning on getting away from cities and heading down to the Big Bend wildnerness area along the Mexico border.