Grand Falls ND to Saulte Ste. Marie – Sept 28-Oct 5

5 Oct

Yes, we’re still here!  Here being Sault (Soo) Ste. Marie at the point between Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron.  We’re heading across the border, and we’ll spend some time in Canada.

We’re into an easy routine, and everything, at least between Joanna and me, is smooth.  Still some annoying electronic challenges, but the VW is running very well.  And, for that, we’re thankful.  On our route from North Dakota, across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been easy and beautiful.  The changing of the fall colors has gone from yellow to orange, and now, bright red-orange.  The open ranges of the Great Plains have turned into smaller farms surrounded by tree breaks whose leaves reflect the autumn colors.  We spent two days around Duluth MN, a city far more interesting than its name.  It’s carved into the hillsides above the western tip of Lake Superior.  The flat lands have turned into hills, with some stunning scenery along the south shore of Lake Superior.  We’ve been fortunate to find virtually abandoned camping sites along its shores.  I’ve attached  photos of this leg of our trip (the titles will magically appear if you place your cursor over the photos), and some stories.

Here are some fall colors, just as the light was changing. and some more Duluth.

Here’s Heidi, the third woman who was, seemingly, ready to pack in her life and join us in the VW:

The geese, honking their way south

for the winter.

And, some other images: