We’re in Buffalo NY – Oct 15

15 Oct

We’re alive and well – just haven’t had time to post recently.  Actually, I still don’t have time to post anything now but a quick note.  We’ve been traveling, visiting friends, seeing wonderful sights and meeting interesting people.  The fall colors are magnificent.  The cities, along what I guess is the ‘rust’ belt, are devastating, especially Detroit – it has to be seen to be understood.  Today we will do the ultimate tourist trip, Niagara Falls.  Then off to New England.  More to come, sometime reasonably soon.

We’re having fun.  The idea of not knowing what the day will bring, let alone the coming days or weeks, is exciting.  A quote from a Stephen King book we listened to while driving “Do the day, and let the day do you” seems to apply to us.

No photos this time – technical difficulties and lack to time to fix now.