The beginning – Sept 8 – 12

10 Sep

We’ve had a busy time since leaving Half Moon Bay on a drizzly Wednesday morning, Reva and Britton (daughter, son-in-law/blog guru, and house sitters) waving goodbye, trading iPhone photos.

Today is Sunday, September 12th, Day 5.  The first several days are dedicated to visiting friends in the northwest.  We’ll begin the adventure of this 5 month trip when we leave Bellevue.  Then, the postings will be more interesting.

So here’s a brief review of our trip, so far:

Day 1 – Drove to Ashland, OR, visited with former LA friends Vivian Weston and Steve Brent.  Stayed with Vivian

Day 2 – Visited with relatives by marriage, Wally and Terry Burton in Medford.  Then drove to our friends Charles Ernest and Katy Fletcher’s in Bellevue, WA.  We’ll stay with Charles and Katy until we leave the area.

Day 3 – A day dealing with electronic challenges, GPS, iPhone, VW stereo – no big deal, just visits to Apple, Best Buy, an electronics store and a battery store.  We had dinner with my former MGM colleague, Ann Corley, and her husband, Mark, at Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle.

Day 4 – We drove north to La Conner and met former LA friends David and Sondra Bayley who live on San Juan Island.  We had dinner with Charles and Katy at Cafe Flora in Seattle.

Day 5 – Went for a walk in a forest with Charles and their 4 delightful dachshunds.  Spent the rest of the day preparing to leave, hanging out with Charles and Katy